• SeaMar Group Photo
  • Group Photo at East African Elders Meal during the Coffee Roasting Ceremony
  • A to-go lunch from the month of March.

Welcome to the Lake City Seniors
and East African Elders Program

February 2021

Lake City Seniors Update, 

February 3rd,  2021

The groundhog saw his shadow and says 6 more weeks of winter… sigh…

Happy Chinese New Year’s and Happy Valentines! We will be passing out a small token of good luck and prosperity at the lunch service on the 12th for Chinese New Year. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we will be hosting a virtual card making event on the 11th. If you haven’t already looked at our website—www.LakeCitySeniors.org—it has been updated! Take peek and let us know how it is.

King County has moved into phase 2. Governor Inslee loosened some restrictions for King County including opening up restaurants for indoor dinning at 25% capacity and opening gyms and other entertainment venues at 25% capacity.

Cases in King County and the rest of the United States are still high and even though restrictions have been loosened we must remain vigilant in helping to end the spread of COVID-19. We are requiring facial covers while picking up lunches and require participants to maintain a safe distance from each other. If you do not have a facial covering, one will be provided. We are practicing social distancing measures, using gloves, wearing masks and will continue to follow these guidelines.

As we go into February we will be hosting a Food Waste series covering the topics of Food Expiration, Food Storage and Food Preparation and Planning, more information to follow. There will be no food deliveries for participants who get food via Jennifer or Bob on the Hyde Shuttle on Presidents day, Feb 15th.


Vedrana, Akira, and Emily

Lake City Seniors Current Programming

  • Community Dining – To-go lunches in the Lake City Community from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Please wear a facial covering while picking up meals. Hyde shuttle may be able to help with lunch deliveries; call 206-707-1865.  
  • Please refer to the calendar on the next page for current classes, call Emily at 206-707-1865 to be added to any of the classes. Also, through Scarecrow Video you can rent out FREE movies!
  • Schedule in-person and virtual social work appointments for information and assistance or consultations with our Social Worker Akira, call 206-472-5472.
  • Find us at Lakecityseniors.org or follow us on Facebook to get more up to date information at www.facebook.com/LakeCitySeniors

Please call Lake City Seniors at 206-268-6740 if you have questions about these services or know of an older adult in need of a meal or outreach.

The City of Seattle Human Services Department and King County provide the funding to make this possible. To keep some of our programs running, please consider donating to Lake City Seniors (click on donate below).