August 2023 Update

What do you call a Labrador at the beach in August?

A Hot Dog!

We are excited to announce that for the first time ever Lake City Seniors will have a spot in the Lake City Parade, which will be on August 5th, kicking off at 7pm. We are looking for volunteers to join us in the parade. We currently need at least 2 people who are willing to hold up a small banner with our logo and as many people who want can participate in the music and dancing or even driving in our van with us. We will provide water and snacks to anyone who shows up to participate. If you are interested in joining the parade, please contact Kate by calling 206-549-5026. You can also show up at the Lamb of God Church Saturday, August 5th at 5:30pm where we will meet before going to the parade.

Our community partner SilverKite will be hosting Arts in the Parks every Monday and Wednesday from 12pm-2pm at the park in front of the Lamb of God Lutheran Church. These are a variety of different free art workshops available to people of all ages. The last workshop will be on August 23rd.

  • On Monday, August 14th, we will be hosting a Legal Planning Presentation with The Dementia Legal Planning Program.  This presentation will cover the standard advanced legal planning documents that everyone should have in place and information on how to connect with an attorney for free though our program for legal help completing power of attorney and advance directive documents.
  • Folk Dancing with Susan is back! Join us August 18th at 10am for this fun and low intensity exercise class.
  • John will hold two Computer 101 classes this month. August 11th at 10am we will have a class on Digital Device Care Tips. Here you’ll learn how to take care of your smartphones, computers, and tablets. We will discuss how to keep them running efficiently, how to extend your battery life, how to troubleshoot issues, how to clean the screen safely, and more. On August 25th at 10am will be a class on What To Do If You Are Scammed. Learn what to do when you have been scammed online. We will explain common scams and what sort of things people can do to try and get access to your personal information and finances. We will discuss what steps to take to recover your online accounts and what you can do to resecure your information and feel safe again.
  • The Mobile Community Service Office from the Department of Social and Health Services will be visiting to provide one-on-one help during a SNAP Benefit Info Session on Friday August 25th from 10:00am-1:00pm. At this event you can apply for Cash Assistance, Basic food assistance, medical assistance, and the Medicare savings program. You can also drop off paperwork, complete an eligibility review, mid-certification review or make changes to an existing case.


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