July 2022

Summer is officially here! It sure took its sweet time.

A reminder that Monday, July 4th the center will be closed in observation of the holiday. There will also be no lunch that day so please plan accordingly.

A huge shout out to all of those who completed Matter of Balance and received your certificates! Congratulations y’all. You rock!

We have quite a few new and exciting things happening at the center this month.

On Wednesday, July 13th at 1:30pm we will have a visit from Leah Crane, a family service counselor from the Acacia Memorial Park & Funeral Home. Learn the answers to all your questions, and answers to questions you didn’t know you had! This interactive seminar focuses on funeral care and cemetery planning basics and regulations. We’ll discuss why and how to plan for your funeral needs, funded or not, whether or not you plan to have memorial services. You will learn how to make sure your family is protected, your wishes are carried out how you want, and ensure the right people have the final say.
On Monday, July 17th at 1:30pm there will be a class called Love Food, Stop Waste. Join this class put on by Tilth Alliance to learn tips on storing food to make it last longer, using leftovers efficiently, and shopping and not overbuying at the grocery store. This class will be held online through Zoom. The link to that is here. But everyone is more than welcome to come to the center to participate as well. We will have the projector set up so that everyone can participate in the zoom call.

We will be starting a Knitting and Crocheting social hour that will be conducted by Lucy Weinberg. It’ll be every Wednesday from 11am-12:30pm. Bring your current projects to sit and craft and chat with others! And we have some yarn at the center to help get you started. We are currently in the process of procuring knitting needles and crochet hooks so in the meantime you will need to bring your own (or borrow from a friend!)

As always, there’s much more going on at the center. You can see all of next month’s programming here. And you can email Justin at justinf@soundgenerations.org to find out more about any of the programs you have questions about.

June 2022

A LOT has happened since our last newsletter. We have a bunch of new and returning programs, new folks at the center, and new partnerships and events.

Starting in June, our Digital Equity Coordinator, Jennifer will no longer be doing home visits. She will still be available by appointment in the center on her usual days.

We’ve started a new partnership with the Uheights Center. They’ll be hosting a weekly group on Thursdays at 10a on zoom where they’ll do memoir writing, book reading, and have conversations. You can find more information on that here.

They also will be hosting Zumba classes over Zoom and you can find that information here.

You can register for all of these classes on Uheights website, or you can get the zoom links sent directly to you by emailing justinf@soundgenerations.org.

Footcare is back on June 6th. This is by appointment only. Email Justin at justinf@soundgenerations.org for availability. We are working to find a better system for booking and getting on a more consistent schedule in the future so that we can meet everyone’s needs. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

A reminder that we have a vaccination event coming up on Friday, June 10th. There is no registration required ahead of time, and it’s completely free. If you need more information on that, you can find it here.

There is, of course, so much more happening. Be sure to check out the Calendar for new programs and events. And keep an eye out here. We’re working on revitalizing our website to make it a better resource with the most up to date information.

We’re excited for the warmer weather and look forward to seeing you all this summer!


Lake City Seniors

COVID Vaccine Event: June 10th

We will be hosting a vaccination event for 1st and 2nd booster shots on Friday June 10th from 10am to 2:30pm. Everyone 50 and older is now eligible for their second booster shot.
Vaccines and boosters are free, no insurance is required. Children and teens, ages 5 to 17 can get Pfizer ONLY. Adults, age 18 and older, can get Pfizer and Moderna. Everyone is welcome, regardless of immigration status.
There is no registration necessary for this event. Feel free to bring eligible family members and friends. Please bring your vaccination card if you have it as this will save you some time when you get here. If you do not have your card, or forget it, no worries! You will still be able to get your booster!
If you have any questions about eligibility for you or a family member, we have provided some links to the Washington state health department below.

You can also email our Program and Volunteer Coordinator at justinf@soundgenerations.org or call 206-707-1865

There will be flyers and more information available at the community center.

Thinking About Getting a Second COVID-19 Booster
Do I Need A Booster
Immunocompromised Doses
King County COVID-19 Community Resources